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Service Positions

Join our Service Team

Contact the worshipteam@wolmcc.org if you would like to participate in any of the following service positions.

Prayers of the People

A volunteer who prays for people who are in need of prayer. 

Scripture Reader

A volunteer that reads scriptures during worship service in English.

Scripture Reader Spanish

A volunteer that reads scriptures during worship service in Spanish.

Paten Holder

A volunteer who holds the Communion plate for the Communion servers.


Volunteer to greet visitors and members at each service.


A volunteer who helps with ushering congregation, collect offering, and direct the flow of Communion.

Communion Server

A volunteer who serves the elements of bread and juice during the sacrament of communion.


A youthful volunteer who shares in helping adult Communion Server.

Worship Team

The Worship Team is comprised of those who would like to take part in reading, communion, or special presentations.

This group meets with representatives of other Worship Teams quarterly for updates, questions and training.